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Published by Subbu Publications, a leading Indic publication, my two novellas are "Shitala: How India enabled vaccination" and "The Flag of Ananta: In Sugriva’s Footsteps". The books are deep research made interesting through fiction and have been read by readers from the age 8 to 90 years young!They stem from my obsession to uncover Bharat’s (Indias) erased contributions and forgotten voices. Every twist and turn in my narratives comes from hours spent poring over the archives and chasing murmurs of the past.The reviews speak for themselves so check them out on Goodreads.Follow the links below to buy them from Subbu Publication

Other research works:

  • English and Marathi video series with Nilesh Oak and Sanket Kulkarni – Sushruta and his Samhita.

  • Marathi video series with Indologist Deepali Patwadkar – Aapla Sanskrutik Varsa (Our cultural heritage).

  • Marathi short series on Adi Shankaracharya.

  • Other episodes in Marathi about Bharat’s unacknowledged contribution to the First World War, Bharat Mata speaks and spiritual matters.

  • Marathi video series with Indologist Kimaya Joshi and Girinath Bharade – Aapli Purane va Puran Katha (Stories from our Puranas and a contemporary view of the wisdom).


Here's a lil' bit about me. I am interested in many things and wear many hats! I write, speak, create content, teach how to tell better stories, help people communicate effectively, build new businesses and invest in existing ones! It makes my life one jam-packed adventure. I'm not sure where all this energy comes from, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.I call both Bharat and Australia home. Therefore my work spans across both continents and my stories connect the dots between both these beautiful civilisations.Really, all I am is a storyteller who uses a variety of mediums to convey things that touch us all deeply.


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